Chihuly Lounge

Chihuly Lounge

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Singapore 039799

ImageA good range of savoury sandwiches they serve for a high tea buffet on Saturday. The fresh prawn with wakame seaweed simply whets your appetite. The sandwich to take note of will be the salmon croissant. Really fragrant and not too buttery.

ImageMy All day favourite – Juicy chunky scallop wrapped in bacon! Interestingly, the bacon complements the scallop by adding a barbecued fragrance to it. Had quite a lot of this even after my dessert! It is just that good.

ImageImageThe sweet pastry was a tad too sweet and disappointing thought. Caramel macaroons looked really exquisite on the outside but was just way too sweet and the biscuit was a little on the hard side. 

ImageThe scones are however really fluffy. I love to spread the clotted cream and jam onto it and eat it like a burger! 

ImageThe best dessert of the day definitely goes to this yoghurt parfait filled with nuts and topped with raspberry sorbet and tiramisu ice cream. Yums yums! The yoghurt parfait was really interesting and had a soothing texture. Raspberry sorbet was just simply refreshing. Tiramisu ice cream felt really rich and genuine. But I personally prefer the raspberry sorbet with the parfait as there is more contrast to this combination!

A good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon after 5 days of hectic work. Sitting down at Chihuly Lounge and sipping your fragrant tea away makes time passes much slower. That’s what we need in today’s hustling life! Food really good and not hurtful for the wallet. Just $55 after GST and a 10% discount for credit cards.



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