Crystal Jade Dining In

Crystal Jade Dining In

#01-112 Vivocity

ImageI actually liked the pig’s ear. No weird smell and has a jelly like texture. A queer but interesting taste that I like. Really love the springy jellyfish too!

ImageSharkfin with juicy prawn dim sum that tasted really good when eaten hot.


ImageChar siew sou. Many restaurants would either make it dry if not not too much pastry and little char siew. This one is totally the opposite. The char siew just explodes into your mouth when you bite on it and the pastry is not too dry, really good texture.

ImageLike the way how vanilla ice cream is incorporated into yang zhi gan lu. Really yummy.

Ironically, I always have difficulty finding a dim sum place in Singapore that is comparable to the dim sum (like Royal China and Pearl Liang) in London. And finally I found one that compares well. Overall, everything on the list is delectable, the char siew bao, liu sa bao etc tasty, not too oily, but I’ve only chosen the ones that left a deeper impression in me. Really would like to visit this restaurant again. I spent about $30 and was a really heavy yum cha!


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