K-food talk family restaurant

K-food talk family restaurant

28 Tanjong Pagar Road

Singapore 088451

ImageReally Yummy toppoki. To my amaze, the toppiki is not just simply stir fried in the typical red korean chilli sauce. They garnished it with leak, mushrooms and made it even more appetising and healthy. The sesame also added fragrance to the otherwise typically plain toppoki.

ImageThis tofu seafood soup was also the highlight of the night. Really fresh ingredients and tofu is super silky.

ImageThe stir fried pork dish was as expected, delectable. One really bad thing that we usually experience in this dish – oily. But this really isn’t and makes you feel not guilty eating the whole plate by yourself.

K-food talk family restaurant was really incidental as most of the other Korean restaurants along Tanjong Pagar are full that Friday night. It was really an unassuming restaurant with a couple of free tables. No one would have expected it to deliver fine, authentic Korean food! Think the lady boss is the chef as everything is so home cooked and one thing that is praise worthy – the dishes are not soaked in oil! Feels healthy yet delicious. Couldn’t have asked for more.


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