Pearl Liang

Pearl Liang


ImageBest char siew sou I have ever had. Couldn’t find one that could beat this yet. Honey roast pork filling >> pastry = divine!

ImageThe octopus cake looks so inviting, doesn’t it. So springy and delicious.

ImageI like the size of the lotus rice. Not too big and thus not queasy. Could stuff it into a small pocket of the stomach even if you are really full.

ImageMix of 5 different cheung fen




Couldn’t understand how they manage to make such pretty custurd buns!

Pearl liang is a really good choice for dim sum if you don’t want to pay a high price. spent about 20 pounds per person each time I am there. Food is comparable to michelin places like yauatcha. Who would have expected its cha siu sou to beat the venison pastry of Yauatcha. Really love this place!

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