14 – 16 Bruton Place

Mayfair, London


Even the salad starters look so exquisite. And I know that I’m into some serious Japanese food.ImageLove the polished woodImageTempura was prepared well. Just the right amount of batter.Image

My bento set was just fascinating. Brings you through the 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter in Japan. Splendid. ImageReally well grilled salmonImageImageThe sashimi is just too pretty to be eaten!ImageYuzu sorbet and green tea ice cream were heavenly and ended the lunch really well.

Unlike Nobu which focusses on fusion Japanese, Umu brings high quality authentic Japanese dining to the table. Guess a picture speaks a thousand words. Really creative set lunches which never fails to amaze you. Actually do miss that place a little!

<a title=”Read Square Meal’s review of Umu” target=”_top” href=”;utm_medium=Blog&amp;utm_campaign=Link”><img width=”230″ height=”125″ src=”“ alt=”Square Meal” /></a>


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