Ittenbari @ soho



Ittenbari is a sister branch of Ryukishin in Osaka prefecture of Japan. Knowing that it has some relations with Japan, I was convinced to try this shop. It is not the best ramen (definitely not as good as Japan) that I’ve had before given that the ramen culture in London isn’t as strong as in Asia. However, it can still satisfy my craving of a bowl of hot, fragrant ramen. The noodles are springy and char siew slices are of a reasonable size. Soup is also fragrant and tastes like it has been boiled a while with pig bones. However, the char siew crumble a little too easily and the egg isn’t half runny. A good Japanese egg should be one that has its yolk half runny. I would also prefer my soup to be more creamy as that makes it more fragrant. Despite it not being able to match the standard of Asia, it is still a recommended place to go to if you are craving for a bowl of hot piping ramen on a cold wintry day. Also, you can order a small bowl of char siew don (rice) if you are not full!


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