Four seasons

Four Seasons

Chinatown or Bayswater station


If you are looking for a relatively cheaper but still tasty chinese restaurant, then you most likely should be heading to Four Seasons. Don’t expect a lot of private space as it’s just a small restaurant with lots of tables that only have walking space in between if you were to walk sideways. Also, don’t expect tip top service there as the waiters and waitresses have been serving so many people the entire day. I would just say that they are fast and efficient but not smiley. Nevertheless, the roast duck here is pretty good, though not as good as Pearl Liang. Duck meat is juicy, fragrant and the dark soy sauce has a little bit of sweetness in it. The sauce is really good actually, especially when mixed with your rice. A mouthful of rice and a spoonful of duck meat, yums yums. Personally, I feel that the thick layer of fats under the skin is a little overkill though some people do enjoy that. I would usually just remove the skin and not eat it. But overall, the duck is still a must order dish if you are there. Like the saying goes, if you have not had their roast duck, then you have not been to four seasons.

Its other dishes are relatively good too, so just choose whatever you like from the extensive menu. Being Asian, I also need some time to choose from that big menu and the waiter always asks me before I have made my decision. The dishes taste really similar to what you can get in Hong Kong, so don’t be worried that you are going to a mediocre Chinese restaurant. Have also compared this restaurant to the other rival restaurant called goldmine which has almost the same menu and I prefer here more. Things just taste fresher here. A bonus to students is that you get 10% off student pass I think!


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