Pearl Liang continued…


Besides its really good dim sum, Pearl Liang has two signature dishes that shouldn’t be missed – Peking duck, roast duck and Lobster noodles. The other ala carte dishes are relatively mediocre in my opinion and some cheaper restaurants (eg. four seasons) may even be better. But then the Peking duck and Lobster noodles are two heavenly dishes that are unrivaled. Unlike the usual fatty, oily, meat scarce peking duck served in other restaurants, the one here is fragrant, crispy and there isn’t much fats underneath the skin. Furthermore, the duck meat served is chunky and feels really statisfying. I suspect that the fats were removed before serving. Same goes to the roast duck, it’s the best roast duck I’ve had. better than four seasons. Regretted that I did not take a picture of it then.

The lobster noodles are really springy and lobster meat is really fresh, thick and juicy. Had my noodles stir fried in ginger and spring onions, knowing that this combination will bring out and complement the fragrance of the lobster meat. Mouth-watering indeed. So, do really try these 3 dishes if you are there cos I am very confident that you will not regret!

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