Princess Garden of Mayfair

ImagePolo custard bun. I think this may be the only chinese restaurant that sells polo custard bun for dim sum. Custard bun on it’s own should usually not go wrong and is generally tasty already. The addition of a buttery crust which looked like the surface of pineapple skin (that’s why termed polo = pineapple in cantonese) made this simple bun every more fragrant and tastier. A must-order: Checked.

ImageChar siu Sou. The pastry of the char siu sou is soft, airy and breaks easily in one bite. Unlike other restaurants, this char siu sou isn’t that oily and its shape is also quite different from the conventional rod or triangular shape. The honey pork (char siu) is of the right sweetness and texture. Quite a good dish but then couldn’t beat the one at Pearl Liang as the char siu fillings are not as much and fragrant.

ImagePumpkin dessert. One of my favourites again! I think the pumpkin skin is made of glutinous rice. Very chewy but of course not chewy like a bubble gum. The fried outer skin makes you feel that it’s crispy and chewy at the same time. If I didn’t recall wrongly, there is filling inside  and it’s quite sweet. A really good dessert to finish the whole meal! Must order: Check!

ImageEgg tarts are soft and fluffy and the custard is of the right softness. Custard is not too buttery and sweetness is just right. Good to order: Check!


Unless the chef uses too much oil and too much fatty cuts, beef crispy noodle is relatively hard to go wrong. The black beans help to add fragrance and a smacking savoury taste to it. Love the texture of the noodles and the crispy sound made by it when you chew it. Noodles don’t taste oily though it has been deep fried. Good to order: Check!

ImageChive dumplings. Apparently, it is really good as I did not have a chance to eat it! The crystal skin looks silky and fresh indeed. The worst thing that can happen to this dish is when the skin gets dry and sticks around your teeth. So, have it when its piping as that is when it’s most delicious! Must order: Think so!

ImageCurry Cow innards. Think these are only sold here among the restaurants I’ve been too. The innards are really springy, chewy and not tough. Don’t worry as there is no stale pungent smell from it and the chilli and curry made this dish really an authentic cantonese cuisine. I thought I could only have such innards in HK. Must order: Checked! if you dare.

ImageSoft and tender chicken feet. The soft, slippery and silky chicken feet just crumbles in your mouth but please do not swallow the bones. Loved the peanuts and sauce however this dish does feel a little oily, judging from the layer of shiny oil. Apart from that, it’s still quite a good dish. Good to order: Checked!

ImageChar Siu bao is soft and fluffy and I especially love the char siu as it is fragrant, moist and not too sweet. Good to order: Checked!

Princess Garden of Mayfair is a fine Cantonese restaurant that serves authentic cantonese dishes and dim sum! Dim sum is recommended but do make bookings if you are going on weekends as they get really busy then!

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