Tombo @ South Kensington station

ImageGreen Tea tart


Green tea Gateau

ImageEbi sushi

You know it’s gonna be a Japanese restaurant when there’s a green tea overdose. Indeed, Tombo is a modern Japanese cafe in the Kensington area. It serves bento, sushi, dessert and has a range of fragrant latte to choose from. Had the bento before and it tastes really like a home cooked Japanese meal. Somehow, I have a penchant for home cooked food as they taste genuine, free of MSG and is usually less oily. They also do take away bentos whereby the dishes are separated nicely in a bento box, just like what you get from a convenient shop (benri ten) in Japan.

The green tea cakes there are marvellous. They are actually supplied by Lanka. If you stay too far from Primrose hill (where Lanka is), Tombo would be a perfect alternative. The green tea tart is thick, dense and every bite is really satisfying. Though it’s quite dense, you don’t get queasy or sick from eating the whole tart. In contrast to the green tea tart, the green tea gateau is lighter, fluffy and a little sweeter. A perfect choice if you are in the mood for a lighter dessert. I never fail to order this cake whenever I pass by this shop.

Had a fried ebi sushi one day. I always have qualms about its sushi as they are already wrapped up and left near the counter for you to choose. was afraid that it may not be as fresh and the fillings and sushi rice may have turned soggy. But, they don’t actually as their fried ebi was still relatively crispy by the time I got home. Though it’s just a small little sushi, they still bothered to decorate it meticulously with boxthorn, sesame and a small leaf. Don’t really know why the rice is purple in colour but that somehow made the whole sushi less plain as compared to a pure white one that we usually get in restaurants. Yes, so do drop by this place if you are craving for some home cooked Japanese bento and dessert!


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