Itacho Singapore


ImageThe seared salmon sushi is marvelous. Somehow I love fishes that are cooked on the outside and raw on the inside as it gives the whole slice a roasted aroma. For just $1.20, it really is a steal. Duck and roasted squid sushi were also my favourites. Must order!

ImageYou could also get the shoyu salmon sushi for just 40 cents per piece. It is limited to 2 pieces per person and is usually sold out before 8pm! So do get there early and get your share. For just 40 cents, this sushi definitely have punched above its weight. Seared again, it smells really fragrant. The seared giant scallops were also heavenly and reasonably priced. Think it was about $2-ish when it could have been easily sold for double the price. They are succulent, juicy and doesn’t crumble in your mouth. And there’s more scallop meat than rice. Fresh seafood sushi they serve! Must order!


I forgot if it’s prawn or lobster maki but the filling was springy and you can slowly taste the taste and texture of the lobster/prawn meat. The mango complemented the whole dish and made it refreshing, such that you wouldn’t mind having more than one plate.

ImageThis chawanmushi is quite different from most other restaurants as it has crab meat in it and the sweet, fragrant broth on top of it sums up the theme. Chawanmushi is soft, silky and slippery and melts in your mouth. Ingredients are also generous too and reasonably priced at $4.

I would like to commend this restaurant for being able to deliver good food yet at a reasonable price. Despite having many competitions from other sushi chains, Itacho stands out as the most outstanding and successful chain in my opinion. While tagged at the same price or lower, Itacho manages to adhere to its creed by producing fresh seafood sushi always. However, its main meals like the don set and udon set may be less interesting. Thus, I usually go there mainly for sushi. Its the first restaurant that I felt would make me stop by for a snack if I pass by one. Am quite confident that this sushi chain will continue to expand in Singapore judging from its popularity!


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