Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo Tsukiji fish market

ImageWhat a busy morning!

ImageChirashi don hitotsu onegai

ImageThis chirashi don can never go wrong when its supplier is just next door. Freshly sliced everyday, the sashimi tasted really succulent, juicy and the texture of the meat is chewy but not tough. The raw meat breaks into chunks upon biting, just like a cooked fish and I guess that means that the fish is really fresh. Behind the leaf is some sea urchin meat. It was my first time having it and I was able to totally accept it. It tasted really rich. It may look gu-ey, but there is actually consistency and the meat is slightly salted which clearly indicates that it was just prepared fresh from the sea. Had this for breakfast and it was just like what the Japanese would say, “kanpeki!” which means ‘perfect’!

Unfortunately, Tsukiji Fish Market is closed to tourists now in the wee hours and only opens after 9am. You can see giant tuna that you have never seen before. It is as tall as me when left dangling and can see lots of other sea creatures – big octopus etc. It is a very busy market and you need to be careful of your own safety. Many restaurants also took the opportunity to create business opportunities and I believe that all of them may be worth going to. I decided to settle for one that’s meant more for locals. That bowl of chirashi costed 1000 Yen and was really satisfying. I did realise that the Japanese will never compromise on details. Even if it’s just a ‘roadside’ stall, they would make use of whatever ingredients they have to garnish your meal beautifully, ensuring  a wholesome experience for the customer. 😉


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