Pollen gardens by the bay


Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome)



The interiorImageSour dough and baguette were warm when served. Didn’t like the olives that much but the potato spread was smooth and interesting. I think there’s more to the potato spread as it doesn’t taste solely like potato. A good healthier substitute for butter I suppose.

ImageCrab meat starters. The crab meat is shredded into flakes and when eaten with the orange sauce the whole dish felt light and refreshing. Isn’t exactly a very exciting appetiser I thought as most Michelin chefs’ restaurants usually have really creative appetisers. Maybe I should have gotten their signature dish: scallop ceviche.

ImagePoached egg with bacon. According to my friend, this is delicious. Yolk was very runny and the bacon felt like biscuits and texture was like crackers. It’s thinly sliced and so you couldn’t feel the fats when you crunch on them. Believe that enhances the taste of the whole dish as well.

ImageSlow cooked beef with onion. The sauce is really tasty and fragrant I have to say. The beef was just a tad too tough though it is slightly pink but was still juicy. On the whole, when eaten together with the onion, it tasted perfect I felt. The bits of minced stuff felt like fried crackers. Not too sure what is it and the waiter spoke too softly but that was fragrant and complements the whole dish. Though tasty, I didn’t find this dish particularly eye opening but that is expected from quite a lot of Michelin restaurants as the appetisers and desserts are the ones that usually earn them their points.

ImageThis mashed side dish on the other hand perked me up as it has wasabi taste in it. I believe mustard was mixed into it and yes, though it may sound weird, the taste was really new yet easily acceptable to me. To add on, the mash was really smooth and you wouldn’t mind eating more. Though it looks really simple, it is a very interesting side dish.

ImageSnapper mains was on the other hand a little conflicting. I felt that the fish was fresh and chucky but the seafood sauce was a little peculiar. It gives you a seafood-ish taste initially but ends off with a flat taste. It’s quite indescribable but I prefer my food to be stimulating to my taste buds.

ImageNext comes the dessert, which is truly mind blowing and never disappointed me. I had my favourite PBJ. I am always awed at how the chef could make use of the everyday peanut butter that we eat and make it into such an exquisite and tasty dessert. It’s much smaller than the one I had in London but still really yummy and is still my favourite dessert so far. The really worth mentioning thing is its raspberry sorbet. Very thick, moist, refreshing and the most interesting thing is it actually emanates a fragrant flower scent. I don’t believe we can get such good dessert from just any restaurant here. Was a brilliant dessert and I would love to have more.


This pistachio parfait was another impressive art piece. Just makes you feel like you are eating a miniature garden. The brownie crumbles look like soil. I believe the most impressive thing is its pistachio leaves! Who would have thought of making the pistachio into a leaf and not just a simple scoop of pistachio with some parfait. Very creative indeed. If you prefer a more creamy taste, then this dessert will definitely suit you. The chocolate is slightly salted too and I think there’s a little alcohol in it.

ImageBrightly decorated with easter eggs and colourful flowers, the flower dome is really a worthy place to visit this season. So, on top of having a good meal at the restaurant, you also get to tour the flower dome for free.

Pollen is Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton’s most high profile restaurant in Singapore. I visited his Pollen Street Social in London and to be honest I felt the London one more exciting. The menu is relatively similar but the starters served here are less exciting. Perhaps, that’s because I had lunch here and dinner in London and so there might be a difference. The desserts served here are however as exciting as the ones in London. However, it’s quite interesting to note that it’s more expensive in Singapore than in London. I looked at the 1kg beef dish and it was 70 pounds in UK but $150 here. Don’t forget that there’s still GST and service charge here which would make it much more expensive than 70 pounds. Well, but I still felt that I had a good time there. Service is of course really good despite the less positive comments online. Perhaps they might have improved over the year and everybody is very alert to your request. If the main menu is too expensive, go for the lunch. I’m not too sure if there has been an increase in price or is it more expensive on weekends as the lunch menu costs $70++ while some sources said that it’s $55++. And also don’t be shy to ask for iced water just because it’s a really high class restaurant cos I do believe these restaurants would serve and indeed they did. I always don’t find it justifiable to pay more than $10 for a bottle of still water.

I actually find Jason really clever to open such a high profile restaurant in the flower dome as it is really apt. It just fits the theme. It is also said that the restaurant grows its own herbs in the dome and I do believe so, judging from how fragrant the dessert is. This is actually the first time I describe a dessert as fragrant. All in all, I’m still impressed by the food served here. Perhaps the lunch can be a little cheaper as it seems to be much more expensive than in London.

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