136 Hong Kong Street Fish head steamboat

136 Hong Kong Street Fish head Steamboat

Near Chinatown station

ImageSweet potato leaves.

ImageChicken fried with ginger and spring onion

ImageFish head steamboat

ImageTang cu century egg

136 Hong Kong Street fish head steamboat got its name as it was formally located along Hongkong Street. I like the fact that it is air conditioned and I will not sweat profusely when I’m having the steamboat. Apparently, this place is quite popular as you always see people waiting for a seat and scores quite highly in hungrygowhere and also has testimonials from Ch U.

I thought food here was just normal but quite oily and you can get it at any neighbourhood zichar restaurant. Perhaps their signature dish, fish steamboat, is the main attraction of the restaurant. I think they used fish bones to prepare the soup and the broth tasted quite rich. There was also ginger taste and makes the soup taste quite refreshing. The yam was really chunky and felt substantial as I think they are afraid that it will disintegrate if sliced thinly. The other dish that was quite special was the tang chu century egg which looked a little not appetising. The century egg was first fried with batter and then had tang cu sauce poured over it. Tasted springy and a little crispy, sweet and sour. Quite an interesting taste and I like it. On the whole, this place would be recommended if you are in town and looking for an air conditioned zichar place with reasonable prices. 






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