L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Sg vs UK)

L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon

RWS sentosa

ImageInterior is pretty similar to London’s. We were the first customer and after about half an hour, the whole place was packed.

ImageFoie gras custard. Same as the one I had in London. The first time I had this in London I thought the taste was overpowering but got used to it quickly and loved it. Taste is similar if not the same as London’s. You could taste the foie gras and is an interesting complimentary dish.

ImageQuiche with ham. Personally, I do not like quiche that much but this is one that isn’t too queasy. Also served in an appropriate serving size. Quiche was soft and the crust was thin.

ImageRaw sardine in a beautifully decorated plate. Was quite excited when I saw how colourful this dish is. The fish tasted fresh and actually reminded me of the raw haddock I have in Holland. You will like this if you are a fan of raw fish but this has a heavier taste than the common Japanese sashimi.

ImagePrawn wrapped in fried vermicelli. The shells were off even though the head and tail remained. Reminded me of a dim sum dish actually and tasted a little Asian. Was quite a good dish though not exactly exhilarating.

ImageThe pollock was the best dish of the day I felt. Fish was fresh and you can knock off the slices cleanly from the big chunk. The fish skin was also nicely grilled, not charred and is a little crispy. The fragrant green garnish made the fish very refreshing when eaten together and made this mains light. Really good mains I would say.

ImageThe chicken was tender, sweet and delectable. A slight complaint from my friend was that it was just a little too salty, other than that this dish was very palatable. I felt there was an Asian touch to this dish actually.

ImageThe chocolate cake dessert with soursop sorbet. Pretty presentation but I thought there was a little too much cream at the sides. Still a good dessert though.

ImageA Thai kinda dessert. Presentation was surprisingly disappointing. There’s rum, ice and fruit at the bottom which go relatively well with the coconut cream at the top. The coconut cream isn’t overpowering to my surprise. But then, knowing what they serve in UK, I could not convince myself to enjoy this dessert.

I had high expectations for the Singapore branch after having been to the one in London for lunch. Prices are the same but the set lunch here is a little different from London’s. They only serve lunches on Sundays from 12 – 2.30pm and you get a choice of 3 different menus. For Set A, you don’t get to choose your mains (rotisserie of the day) and dessert and it’s a 3 course menu for $49. For set B, you get to choose 2 mains and 1 dessert, a 4 course menu for $68. The 3rd set costs $87. Don’t really know the details to that 3rd set as I thought it was too expensive for a lunch. Set A is pretty good actually despite having limited choices. In this post, the chicken mains and chocolate cake dessert belonged to set A. Set B is worth for its money as you get to choose 2 mains. Even though you get to choose the dessert, they are pretty disappointing. The better ones I guess are the ones you need to top up. It’s quite weird to have to top up $10 for dessert after paying quite a sum.

Now, let me compare the appetiser and dessert I had in London and you will see why London’s is in my opinion, better.

ImageThe one on the left is the SG one and right is London’s. Look at how pretty and appetising London’s one is. That was raw sea bass with roe and the edible flowers made the whole presentation very much prettier. The taste also scored better as London’s appetiser was refreshing and heavenly. The Sg one was just not bad, quite good.

Now, lets take a look at the dessert.

ImageWe shall compare like to like. Left (sg), Right (UK). Top (Chocolate), Bottom (Fruits). When you compare the chocolate dessert, the chocolate mousse from London won hands down with its gold leaf and bigger cake. Feels much more substantial when you have it. And when we compare the fruity one, the mango mango from London is obviously the winner be it presentation and taste.

Though apparently, the London branch is much better than the Singapore one, I would say that this restaurant is still worth visiting as a first timer. It’s because I got to compare that’s why my expectations would be much higher. A good thing is that the price is quite similar to that of London’s after the conversion but still a little more expensive as we have GST. If you want to go for the lunch, do make a reservation as they only have it once a week and usually gets full I believe.

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