Ah Chew

Ah Chew Dessert

Liang Seah Place

ImageMango pomelo sago

ImagePeach herbal jelly

Hong Kong desserts are very popular among Singaporeans. Despite the presence of so many dessert places (eg large chains like honeymoon dessert), they are still always packed with people. I guess its just a habit for Singaporeans to go for this kind of HongKong dessert places that aren’t expensive yet yummy after dinner.

Ah Chew dessert is a place that I don’t mind making repeated visits. I would usually be there if I am around the area and crave for a bowl of HK dessert. My favourite has always been yang zhi gan lu (pomelo mango sago) and this is well made in Ah Chew. The creamy mango puree, together with the large mango cubes make this dessert into a mango galore and together with the refreshing pomelo and chewy, springy sago, this dessert is perfect. Simple yet really delicious. I am actually quite interested in making this dessert as the ingredients used are quite simple I reckon. Instead of using condensed milk, I would choose a healthier option of low fat milk. To me, its signature mango puree is the one that has a huge scoop of durian in it. Its really hard to concentrate on your simple yang zhi gan lu if everyone around you in the shop orders the durian rendition and indeed, that is how popular that durian mango pomelo is.

Moving away from the usual mango pomelo sago, I decided to try the peach grass jelly. Sounds refreshing and indeed the colours also make this dessert look really healthy. I think they use canned peaches but then it still tastes really nice. The grass jelly isn’t too soft nor too hard, and felt substantial. Though not an exciting or creative dessert, I like its simplicity and the peach actually makes the grass jelly zesty. Do drop by this place if you are around the area and get its durian mango pomelo sago if you are a fan of durian.


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