Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason

ImageThe savoury menu, sandwiches that are really quite normal.

ImageCreamy lobster egg and there are actually bits of lobster meat in it. Yummy.

ImagePretty tea set. A pity the colours are wearing off.

ImageThe savoury menu

ImageThe sweet menu

My visit to fortnum and mason wasn’t exactly an excellent one. I would say that the ambience there is really relaxing, relatively plush and service is excellent. You have attentive waitresses and waiters who always greet you with a smile. And they never fail to refill your plates when you ask for more. However, judging from the fact that one menu costs 40 pounds, the quality of the food isn’t outstanding and needs to be improved in my opinion. I chose the savoury menu as I was famished during lunch time and the savoury snacks were relatively palatable. The savoury scones were in my opinion, weird, as it tasted buttery and cheesy and were just too heavy tasting for me. I couldn’t even finished my first round and ate the sweet ones from my friend’s instead.

The sweet menu was much better I thought as it comes with a choice of a main and the lobster egg was pretty good as you can find lobster meat in it. The cakes were just too caramelised and sweet for me. I have a sweet tooth but thought that was a bit of an overkill. Did not even manage to proceed to the big slices of cakes as I was already so full from the queasy and huge portions of food.

I personally felt that the savoury menu could be combined with the sweet menu and all the snacks can be made smaller in size. This will not only allow you to have two different tastes in one menu, but also not make you too queasy and full. I still like how this place is decorated and how laid back it makes you feel but for a 40 pound meal, I don’t think it is really worth it. PS: I couldn’t even manage to take a nice picture even though I tried capturing from different angles.


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