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And finally, the luxury French brand, Laduree has made her way to Singapore and opened two outlets on her debut day. While both outlets have a snaking queue, the one at the first floor is much faster as they only sell macaroons. After trying the ones in London, I have always yearned for their arrival in Singapore as you can find none that is even close to Laduree’s standard. Yes, not even the top Singapore hotels that offer afternoon tea, not Four Seasons, not Ritz Carlton, not Fullerton bay and not even Antoinette. These restaurants or cafes only serve brittle macaroons that crumble quickly once bitten and that will not allow you to be able to slowly taste the macaroons. Unlike theirs, the ‘biscuit’ for laduree is more chewy and soft and you could slowly chew and fully understand the taste before it disappears down the throat.


As the Singapore Laduree box is a limited edition, I decided to place the 8 petite macaroons in this box. It costs a total of $38 when each macaroon costs $3.80. So, I have paid $8 for the box.

ImageAnd I bought 5 different flavours. They are yuzu chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel, strawberry marsh mellow, marie antoinette and praline and they are really lovely. Some people say that it does not taste as good as those in France and I felt that it may be just a little less chewy and firm over here as compared to the temperate countries and I believe this can be attributed to the tropical climate we have here. But its just a really slight difference and is still able to be much better than most, if not all restaurants in Singapore. Will just describe some that I had and my favourites are Yuzu and the marshmellow ones.

ImageThe yuzu chocolate macaroon is just heavenly. It reminds me of the yuzu macaroons I had in Yauatcha in London. The yuzu biscuits are sour, fruity and citrusy and will stimulate your tastebuds and salivary glands while the chocolate is sweet and goes impeccably with the biscuits. This picture really is able to make me salivate and crave for more. As it is a seasonal flavour, please do not miss this petite yellow macaroon when you are queuing to get it. As I did not spot it in London, I felt the $3.80 well spent on this macaroon, or rather 3 of them.

ImageThe pistachio one did not excite me as much but I thought was still pretty nice.

ImageMarie Antoinette has a tinge of mint in the biscuits and I quite enjoy it though it isn’t my favourite too.

ImageThis strawberry marshmellow is my other big favourite. Reminds me of the ones I had in UK. The sugar grains made this macaroons a little sweeter than the rest and the marshmellow filling makes it really chewy. You practically have to bite off the filling in order to prevent it from becoming a one bite snack. I like how the biscuits look from its side view as it has different layers and texture to it. Really enjoy the fragrant strawberry flavour and highly recommended.

The public favourite, I heard is the salted caramel one which is the sweetest of all. While I think that is delicious as well, it might have been a tad too simple and common I thought. Even though some of the taste doesn’t excite me, the texture of its biscuit and filling will definitely not make you regret buying any of the flavour. Please get some Laduree macaroons if you were to drop by there and get those that you cannot find overseas like the yuzu one!


3 thoughts on “Laduree (Singapore)

  1. Kelly says:


    Sorry to have disturbed you. I have a favour to ask from you, not sure if you could give me the Ladurée Singapore Limited Edition box or sell it to me at $8? I am a BIG fan of you and will always read up your posts. I hope you could help me out please? Just the box will do. Please? Hope that you can give me an email reply even if it is bad news? Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Eric says:

      Hi Kelly

      Thanks for reading my blog. Really appreciate that! I need to check if I still have it. Not too sure where did I place it. Do you want to pass me your email so I can get back to you? Thank you. Actually I’m not too sure, but I think I saw Laduree still selling those boxes few months ago.

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