Keong Saik Snacks

Keong Saik Snacks

Keong Saik Road

Keong Saik Snacks is a british restaurant that introduces English food with an interesting twist. Was walking along this street to settle for dinner and after knowing it’s one of the three restaurants owned by Jason Atherton in Singapore, I decided to settle for this restaurant. The interior was pretty small but cosy enough and it has a small open kitchen concept which allows you to see the chef preparing your food. you can choose to sit at the bar area but there are really just a few tables and about 5 seats at the bar. Not too sure if they allow reservations as most people went in without one and it got full really quickly and had to reject other customers who came later.

ImageHaddock with mash potato and poached egg. I realised Jason loves to have poached egg in his menu and they all turned out to be really yummy. The egg blended really well with the mash and the runny yolk was really smooth. Its taste complemented really well with the mash and I like how the fragrant garnish manages to prevent it from being too buttery. It tasted a little salty too and I think that there are some bacon crumbs. A good appetiser I thought. About $12.

ImageJason’s hotdog. Thought the name sounded a little crude but quite amusing. This hotdog bun had a little Asian flavour in it I thought. Well grilled hotdog which has a crispy skin, it went well with the mince toppings and green chilli. A tasty hotdog in general. Though it isn’t a really exciting dish, it was still well prepared. $15.

ImageSea bass which tasted really fresh. Doubt they will use lousy fish if you are paying for that price. Was a good mains but I thought the fish skin was a tad too salty. Like the pine nuts in this dish too. $27-ish.

ImageThe beef with butter coated with bone marrow. I would say that this dish is lovely though I felt that it was quite unhealthy. The butter with bone marrow makes the beef really aromatic, appetising and smooth. The mushrooms and fried onion slices were delectable. Guess the secret ingredient is the bone marrow that manages to allow the beef to stand out amongst all the other savoury side complements. $27-ish.

ImagePistachio cake with raspberry and vanilla cream. Love how this dessert is executed. Very simple and yet not quite the common cake I usually have. It isn’t dense, and not fluffy. Instead, it’s quite bitty yet doesn’t collapse into crumbs and I seem to be munching pistachio bits off the cake. Very interesting texture and it lies in between being a biscuit and cake, though more towards being a cake. Love this dessert. $12.

ImageChocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream. I just thought this chocolate pudding isn’t queasy at all and the vanilla ice cream was really nice. The mint leaf on it made the ice cream quite refreshing and not too sweet. Enjoyed the vanilla ice cream with pudding.


Keong Saik Snacks does not have service charge despite having really good service. The waiters and waitresses will describe what is served in front of you. I thought that the portions were a little small though and was a little hungry by the time I got home. After strolling along Keong Saik Street, I realised that it is filled with many hidden gems. The other Jason restaurant, Esquina, is also just located round the corner and there are also many other restaurants that I feel like trying!


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