Tanglin Mall

Lp+Tetsu is helmed by the one michelin star chef Laurent Peugeot and this restaurant does modern French Japansese fine dining. Got quite excited when I know that its a french japanese restaurant as I feel that these two cuisines are the ‘epitome’ of fine dining. Indeed, you could experience a little bit of fusion even in a 3 course lunch set menu and I thought that was quite interesting. The 3 course lunch just costs $45 and with amex card, you get a 15% off the total bill which is able to waive away the GST and service charge.

ImageComplementary popping Appetiser. I like to call these poppings as they pop in your mouth and is really liquidity and each has a different savoury taste. I couldn’t remember the white one, but the grey one is sesame with some sesame seeds on it and the dark green one is olives. They are attached to cheese biscuits and are quite delectable. Very interesting appetiser indeed.

ImageComplementary broiche and plain bread both served warm. Broiche has salt crystals on it and tasted a little buttery but very fragrant. Very soft and fluffy which makes me crave for more. The bread like thing at the bottom is a holder to place your knife and bread stick actually. Really cute concept I felt.

ImageComplementary appetiser mushroom panna cotta. I think there was a bit of cheese in the panna cotta as it tasted savoury. Mushroom was slippery, moist and fragrant and its taste felt quite japanese as well. Believe this is a fusion appetiser as well. So hard to get a picture of the panna cotta hidden at the bottom of the glass.

ImageRaw prawns with wasabi white chocolate starter. It’s my first time eating black uncooked prawns tbh and I found it quite nice actually with the wasabi white chocolate. A really intriguing taste and makes you want to taste more so that you can unravel the complex taste. Thought the wasabi went well with the prawns and the sweet white chocolate made this supposedly savoury starter sweet. Quite an interesting start isn’t it.

ImageSalmon sushi starter with yuzu and the dots are Japanese curry. This tasted quite normal though.

ImageCod fish with mango slices and mango ‘dumplings’. I quite like the mango dumplings and mango slices as they made the fish more refreshing. The slow cooked cod was fresh and its meat comes off as big chunk of succulent meat. However, there was a slight fishy smell when it was served which didn’t really bother me as I couldn’t taste it when I had it.

ImageRoasted chicken breast and slow cooked thigh shaped like a pear with a stalk. The round balls are mashed pear which tasted refreshing. Meat was tender while breast meat was a tad too salty. This would have been a lovely dish with two different ways of cooking if the thigh meat didn’t have a ‘chicken’ taste. It smelt a little old to me actually.

ImageComplementary dessert poppings. Poppings again but different flavours this time. Red one is strawberry, white is passion fruit and black is raspberry. Very fruity and zesty! Like these poppings quite a lot as they resemble something you have in bubble tea but smaller.

ImageBerry tart with cream cheese and sakura sorbet. This dessert would have been perfect if it wasn’t that sweet. the cream cheese was a tad sweet while the sakura sorbet was way too sweet. I thought it should be zesty and citrusy to make this dessert more palatable and memorable. The caramelised biscuit was crispy and tasted well.

ImageThis white chocolate mousse with biscuit tasted better I thought. Mousse was really creamy and thick yet not queasy and just right for a sweet tooth. And there’s also pudding at the bottom of it.

On the whole, LP+tetsu is really a nice place to dine at. Despite some disappointment in some of the dishes, I thought it was still a nice restaurant to dine at, especially for lunch when it’s priced at just $45 with so many complementary appetisers and dessert. I like how interesting the appetisers are and the intriguing taste of the fusion dishes. It’s worth a visit if you haven’t been there and is a fan of Japanese and French cuisine!


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