Red Star restaurant

Red Star Restaurant

54 Chin Swee Road

Dim sum seems to be a popular activity among Singaporeans recently. With the more popular ones fully booked already, we decided to go for one which doesn’t have reservations and operate on a first come first serve basis – Red star restaurant. Arrived at 11am and the queue was already quite long, but of course not as ridiculous as that of tim ho wan. Luckily, the queue moved fast enough and managed to get a seat after 30min.

ImageThe polo bun looks very pretty, isn’t it. When I first saw the huge buns, I thought they look really seductive. It’s my first time seeing such a huge, thick ‘polo’ crust. The whole bun to me looks quite fake actually, like what you get from neighbourhood toy shops or those kind of food samples that are usually placed in front of restaurants. Having this impression, I thought this bun will be quite tough but I was wrong as it was soft actually and there is custard in the centre. Polo crust was also fragrantly buttery and I quite enjoy it. Cute bun with good taste.

ImagePan fried pork dumplings. Meat stuffing is sweet and skin is just of the right texture, thickness and crisp.

ImageI think this taste like the crab sticks that we have when you go for house warming. At least the flour inside tasted similar, just that it is surrounded by very crispy cube-like batter. Besides looking interesting and similar to a korean snack, there is nothing particularly delicious about this dim sum. In simple words, this is oily, crispy and bland actually.

ImageHar gao is pretty standard and that is what you get from coffee shops but a tad better. Prawns in it are fresh but skin is quite thick and sticks badly after just 2min. The har gao still looks pretty though.

ImageSiu mai was normal as well and the skin sticks every where too. Still pretty substantial and palatable though.

ImageThis banana, prawn fritter tasted weird I thought. I couldn’t taste the prawns as the banana was overpowering, too ripe I guess. They really should just stick to the never go wrong banana red bean combination. Also, the batter used was too thick. Only had one piece and left the rest untouched.

ImageThis was quite tasty I felt. The prawn stuffing in it tasted fresh and quite sweet. I believe they have also stuffed some minced meat in it and that might have given it the sweet taste.


ImageEgg tart felt really substantial as it was huge again. Custard was smooth and fragrant. Crust isn’t flaky and it’s something that you can find easily at a normal bakery. But I still felt satisfied with the huge amount of custard it has in it.

ImagePi dan jok was smooth, warm and soothing. The jok was fragrant but I thought more pi tan should be given as I could only find a few pieces. Still a good porridge though I thought.

ImageMango pudding, despite being a tad too sweet was tasty. Full of mango fragrance and there are also pieces of mango in it. Pudding was smooth and of the right consistency. Not too tough or runny and still quite moist. A good dessert.


Moving away from the high end, modern dim sum places, red star restaurant is one that serves really traditional dim sum. It’s not really a place I will visit often though as I don’t really like the idea of walking around the whole restaurant just to get one or two plates of dim sum as the push cart aunties are always moving around. However, the polo bun felt sweeter when I finally managed to find it. It’s like doing a mini treasure hunt and some people may like that. A recommended place to visit if you haven’t been here but whether it’s worth another visit is really subjective. The dim sum is pretty standard over here and there are hits and misses. While most of the steamed stuff did not entice me much due to the thick and sticky skin, I was quite satisfied with the egg tarts, porridge, pudding and pleasantly surprised by the huge rotund polo bun. Still quite an interesting place to have dim sum at though.


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