320 degrees below ice cream shop

320 degrees below ice cream shop

Near Little India station


ImageGreen tea and earl grey ice cream.

320 degrees below ice cream parlour serves ice cream cooled by liquid nitrogen. While I am  very confident of the quality of ice cream prepared in this way, this ice cream shop could not stand up to the test actually. While the ice cream is still smooth due to rapid cooling that leads to small crystals, it isn’t rich enough. yes, you can taste the earl grey and green tea but it’s just not creamy enough and the green tea one is quite bitty. To illustrate my point, I shall upload the liquid nitro ice cream I had at Campden market in London below.

ImageEven by just looking at this photo, the ice cream is apparently much smoother and definitely creamier. Argh, really miss this super good ice cream actually.

Thus, the 320 degrees below is not worth a second visit I feel as there are definitely better ice cream parlour around.


One thought on “320 degrees below ice cream shop

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