Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College

Cambridge University

This shall be quite an interesting blog post. Though it isn’t food from a well known restaurant, the settings and dining etiquette of this more than 600 years old dining hall is really one of the most unique in the world.

ImageA formal dinner at the alma mater college – Corpus Christi.

ImageReally bland spinach soup.

ImageChicken which looks and indeed tasted bland.

ImageSticky toffee pudding. Pudding was extremely sweet but not over my threshold while the vanilla ice cream is really smooth and creamy. Perhaps the best course of the whole meal.

Formal dinners in Cambridge are really fun meals to go to. The meals are always either a hit or miss and usually a miss recently in Corpus Christi College. After being to so many formals and returning for a formal on this trip, I felt that it’s standard has dropped quite a lot. Things have become less tasty and presentation has become non existant. But the ironic thing is no matter how distasteful the meals are, you will still always enjoy yourself as the unique experience of dining in a medieval dining hall (>600 years) along really long tables compensates for the bland meal. To sum up, the essence of such a meal is to be able to dine in a medieval setting in a suit and (graduation) gown which really resembles those dinners you see in a Harry Potter movie.


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