l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Revisited

l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Leicester Square Station

ImageSea bream tartar with creamy sauce. Sea bream was fresh and tasted nice on its own but as I’m not really a fan of creamy sauce, this dish didn’t appeal as much to me. It was still a good appetiser though.

ImageBaby octopus stuffed with vegetables and has tomato sauce on it. I prefer this appetiser as I love octopus. Fresh and springy and stuffed with crunchy vegetables, every bite feels really substantial and satisfying. The red pepper sauce also added flavour to it  even though I thought that it may not be necessary.

ImageTeriyaki salmon with wasabi lettuce. This dish is just like what you would expect, so there isn’t any surprises to the flavour or presentation. The salmon though was cooked really well, very crispy skin and the inside inside overcooked at all. In fact, I think it is mildly raw which I like a lot as that allows the salmon to retain its juiciness and I love eating this piece of salmon in big chunks. Just thought that they could have given one more piece.

ImageReally yummy lemon mousse with basil sorbet. Lemon mousse was really smooth, creamy and not too sour while Basil sorbet was really refreshing, zesty and sour and that excites the palates I feel. The different components complemented each other really well as the different level of sourness prevents the taste of the basil sorbet from being overpowered.

ImagePassionfruit souffle with coconut ice cream. In this mash of buttery, sugary souffle, there’s a strong refreshing passionfruit taste and I think that makes this whole souffle really refreshing and makes you want to crave for more of it. Will never feel queasy eating too much of it and the good thing is that the souffle never collapses which is what to be expected from a good souffle. Coconut ice cream was thick, soft, creamy and rich in coconut taste. Yums.

After having had a really good experience at L’atelier London last year, I’ve decided to revisit it again this year for lunch. Though I felt that appetisers and mains were not as good as the other time, the desserts still stood up to its name. Still one of my favourites I feel.

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