Waka sushi

Waka Sushi

Near Camden Town station

ImageReally fragrant green tea with a little charred fragrance. Tea cup is very beautiful too but I thought it was quite stingy of them to only provide it once, esp when we had to pay for it. Thought green tea is usually either free or you can top up as many times as you want if it has to be paid for.Image

ImageSushi is of course better than what you get at the chains in London but that is kinda expected. Not exceptional and not as good as atariya but still not bad. There is one with a huge piece of fish on it and thought that was quite humongous. The chef also puts some wasabi in the rice already and thats what pro Japanese chef does in Japan. Sashimi is fresh at least.

ImageTeriyaki chicken felt so home cooked actually. For the price of about 7 pounds, this is really quite a good deal. Chicken is tender with some oily bits. The only thing that I didn’t like too much is that there seems to be teriyaki overdose and therefore making it a little too sweet than usual. ImageNasu dengaku was again a little too sweet. i thought it should be salty due to the miso taste but it was sweet at the same time. Still palatable but i think the sweetness was a little artificial I thought. Maybe sugar was added.

After having read relatively good reviews about Waka Sushi, I decided to try it and could only come to the conclusion that this Japanese restaurant loves its food sweet. If everything could be a little less sweet, I may have enjoyed it better. The chicken could be a little more well grilled. Also had the toriyaki and thought it felt a little microwaved with loads of sweet sauce once again. Even though chicken texture was good and tender, it does not give people the impression that it has been well grilled or grilled at all. A relatively inexpensive place to have Japanese meal, but if given a choice I would prefer going to Asakusa which is just one staion before Camden Town at Mornington Crescent.

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