Near Goodge Street station

ImageTakoyaki that had too much dough and too little octopus meat. Didn’t expect it to be impressive as they made it downstairs and don’t see them with the special machine to make these balls. 2.30 pounds.



Very good tai yaki. Batter wasn’t too sweet at all and was nicely made with some parts a little more crispy. The starchy texture makes it quite chewy too. Ordered one with green tea and red bean in it and one with green tea and white chocolate. Perfect combinations and they really make very good desserts. 1.90 pounds each.

Yaki cafe is a Japanese cafe that serves southern Japanese food like okonomiyaki, takoyaki and tai yaki. There aren’t many restaurants that serve this kinda Japanese cuisine in London and actually are not that good (even in Singapore). Judging from the takoyaki served in this restaurant, I don’t think that the okonomiyaki would be good as the way of cooking is quite similar for both. However, the tai yaki was really delectable I felt and is worth repeated visits. Like how reasonable their prices are even though they may be the only few who make this here.


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