Royal China

Royal China

Baker Street

ImageChicken with Cashew nuts. Tender and flavourful chicken with crunchy cashew nuts. Not too oily and is really a good dish.

ImageReally yummy Sichuan prawns. The word sichuan usually reminds me of really spicy food and that never appeals to to me. but this dish is one that I never fail to order at royal china. Just so fragrant, flavourful and not too spicy. I think there is a little ketchup in it and together with some chopped chilis, the crunchy, succulent prawns tasted a little sweet and spicy. This is a dish not to be missed.

ImageMy favourite dish of the day! Seafood tofu. tofu was smooth, silky and slippery and is stuffed with a fresh prawn. Sauce is very fragrant and together with the chopped mushrooms and minced meat, this tofu is full of flavour and surprises.


Yummy claypot tofu. Very smooth egg tofu and the minced meat and mushrooms were just very fragrant. Typical way of cooking tofu in a claypot but is nonetheless very delectable.

IMG_4579Fried beef streaks. Thinly sliced and crispy and not overcooked. Sweet and sticky sauce but not an overdose such that it becomes soggy.

Imagetook away the roast duck and thought the bag is really pretty.

Royal china has always been my favourite cantonese restaurant in London and has never let me down unlike other restaurants. Chefs have been consistent in their cooking and most of the dishes that I’ve ordered before are really delicious. Food is reasonably priced there too. To sum up, they make good dim sum and dinner at reasonable prices. On a scale of one to five, I would give it a four.

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