Pork and beef goulash. Tasty and thick gravy, with tender well stewed beef. Loads of beef in it for just €9.


Pasta with ham and creamy sauce. Sauce was not too sticky and there are thick cubes of ham in it. Being not a fan of ham, I thought the ham had really good texture and I quite like it. Love the pasta especially which has very good texture; springy and substantial amount. A very good main for just €10.


Chocolate cake has pumpkin seeds in it and thick theres a layer of rum in between the layers of cake which made it quite moist and not too dense. Quite a nice slice of chocolate cake that isnt too heavy for the stomach.

Gujzina is a small cafe very suitable for a delicious, cheap lunch in slovenia. Only two waiters and thus service may be a bit tardy, but other than that this restaurant charges its delicious food at really reasonable prices. Recommended place for a meal!

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