Garlic bread was warm and slightly crisp. Mushroom was flavourful and tasted stir fried while prawns were a little small. Quite a good starters.


Pork knuckle has crispy skin on it. Very very tender meat and can be deboned so easily. A little fatty and thats what pork knuckle is about. A little salty though I thought but that doesn’t prevent it from being a good dish.


Veal fillet was a little over cooked but I love the mash with truffle oil and truffle. Very smooth, not too buttery and fragrant. Tasted like it has a little mustard in it actually.


Traditional slovenia cake. Don’t really know what is inside but according to the waiter there’s cheese and nuts. Very soft cake, layered and there’s some bitty stuff in it. Tasted funny but in a delicious way. Not too buttery too. If you don’t see an English description,  its that cake!


Julija is a cute restaurant along the streets of the old town. Very welcomed by locals and a really busy restaurant among the less busy ones. A recommended restaurant to go to when you are in the capital of slovenia.

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