Vander is a restaurant present in a boutique hotel and has really stylish and cute interior. Food there is near impeccable and for its really reasonable price I would give it a rating of 5/5. Strongly recommended for a dinner and it only costs about €30 per person for a 3 course meal that felt like a michelin recommended restaurant.



Asparagus appetiser with steamed prawns. Spectacular presentation and the prawns were just so fresh, succulent and juicy. Asparagus was crunchy too and cooked to the right texture. Yummy and huge starters for just €10.


Pan fried salmon with spring flowers. Think the spring flowers made so fish so aesthetically pleasing. The skin was so crispy and really appetising with lemon juice on it. The meat was overcooked though but the zesty flavour made up for it. Really good appetiser again for €10.


Traditional slovenian dish with a contemporary twist. It resembles a huge chinese dumpling (wanton) on a bed of soft, tender beef. The wanton is filled with smooth and not too creamy mash which is quite yummy actually. A big, delicious main for just €18.


Sea bass with asparagus was well cooked too. Sea bass wasnt over cooked and soft in the middle. Skin was very crispy. Though the dish wasnt exceptionally exciting, it was still delectable.


Lemon tart with meringe. Meringe felt creamy with a very good consistency and not too sweet. The tart was tasty and quite dense. Very good texture indeed.


Pavlova cake with berries. Yummy, not too sweet and berries tasted fresh. Nice finish to the dinner.

Was so glad that I went to this restaurant. Though slovenia may not have many restaurants, its really not hard to find good ones with reasonable prices!

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