The Glasshouse Restaurant

The Glasshouse Restaurant

Next to Kew Gardens station

The neighbourhood around Kew Gardens station is pretty posh, tranquil and typical Britain. Though it’s just a few stops outside London, it didn’t feel like London anymore and felt a little close to Cambridge actually. Pretty houses with pretty flowers can basically sum up the whole atmosphere of Kew Gardens station. And outside this station, lies a one michelin gem- The Glasshouse Restaurant.


Scallops with truffles. Very well seared and fragrant on its own, the scallops tasted even better with the pieces of truffles and mushroom. The white pieces are the mushrooms.

2013-05-29 13.01.56

Mackerel with fried quail eggs. Quail eggs were really well cooked and timed well. Despite having to boil and then fry the egg with batter, the yolk still stays runny and adds an eggy flavour to the fresh, raw mackerel.

2013-05-29 13.20.03

Guinea fowl breast with potato and curry. Curry sauce was of the right thickness and flavour, not too spicy and goes really well with the fowl breast. Not a fan of breast meat as I usually find it dry and tough, but the curry sauce made it flavourful and nice to chew on.

2013-05-29 13.20.29

Miso Cod with edamame beans and the stick like thing is rice wrapped in seaweed. Very daring mains I would say but that is what makes it interesting and exciting. Tasted really good too. Not too sure if it was made by a Japanese chef but sure it tasted japanese. Miso Cod was not too salty, Not overcooked, well marinated and really fresh. I think it is legitimate to say that the cod melts in your mouth upon eating. Beans were cooked well and chewy while the rice sticky was chewy too and very palatable when eaten together with the cod. Thumbs up for this dish!

2013-05-29 13.43.41

Passionfruit tart with coconut ice cream. Passionfruit tart filling was soft, zesty and refreshing. Goes really well with the smooth coconut ice cream.

2013-05-29 13.43.50

Strawberry terrine with basil sorbet, crumble and pistachio. Well presented and the basil sorbet surely made this dessert very refreshing. Strawberry terrine was zesty, sour and stretchy actually which was quite interesting I thought.  Great dessert indeed.

If you have the chance to get out of central London, then please do visit The Glasshouse Restaurant for a meal. Lunch only costs 27 pounds and is definitely worth every pence. It is also a good way to start your visit to Kew Gardens too!

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