Kha Thai Restaurant

Kha Thai Restaurant

38 Martin Road

Despite the dismal reviews on hungrygowhere, after having read the history of the new chef who just took over this year, I was determined to try this restaurant and sure it didn’t disappoint me as it has much more hits than misses. The chef, Adam Cliff, is an Australian who previously worked under the one Michelin Star Thai Chef, David Thomson, (Also an Australian) in London Nahm which is the world’s only michelin Thai restaurant. With such a strong background, I really didn’t want to miss this Thai restaurant out.

ImageFried baby squid which doesn’t seem to be baby size. Squid was springy and fresh, while batter isn’t oily at all. Not soggy and really crispy and it doesn’t coat your lips with a layer of oil. The fried bits of condiments also made it really tasty, couldn’t figure out what are they but they definitely make you crave for more. Ate it with my rice actually as it was delicious and doesn’t feel oily. Serving was generous I thought. The salt used seems to be good salt as they are huge crystalline pieces and doesn’t taste too salty actually. $14.


Tom Yum Soup. Loads of condiments in it and you know that it’s not made from paste. The chef has gotten his condiments and spices right I felt. Really zesty and sour when I first tasted it and that woke up my salivary glands. Prawns were really fresh and huge. While some restaurants serve prawns that were soaked for hours in the broth, the prawns here seem to be freshly cooked as it isn’t overcooked nor dry. Really succulent and crunchy. $16.


The crab omelette rice for lunch. This tasted pretty normal and felt like the chinese fu rong egg. Couldn’t taste the crab but was still delicious nevertheless. Egg was of the right oiliness and felt fluffy I thought. $16.


My lunch main: Lightly fried chicken with papaya salad. This dish itself had a few misses and hits. The papaya salad was crunchy, appetising, and not too spicy. Goes really well with the crunchy peanuts. However, I thought the big slab of lettuce served should be shredded for easier consumption while the beans were a little too raw for my liking. The chicken was lightly fried and the skin and surrounding was crispy. You could hear the crisp when your fork hits against it, however I felt the meat a little dry. That might be due to the fact that it’s breast meat but it was slightly under flavoured which I didn’t mind as I prefer less heavy tasting stuff but my dining companion felt that it was bland. An average dish I thought.


Coconut balls in salted coconut milk. A very innovative and daring dessert I thought. Who would have thought of a salted dessert. The coconut milk was smooth, milky, fragrant and salty. A really interesting taste I thought. I thought it might be a little controversial if you just have the soup alone but it magically complements the sweet coconut balls well. The dough of the balls are well made, not dry and is quite springy while the coconut shaving fillings were not too sweet. Good dessert. As we had it as part of the lunch menu, it costs $6. If not it costs $10.


Mango with sticky rice. A very famous traditional Thai dessert. Thought it was really well made. Rice was sticky, round and substantial while mango was soft, smooth and mango-licious. The coconut milk doesn’t taste like what you have outside and I think a little salt has been added to it. Good dessert. It costs $12 but $6 for lunch.

After having such a hearty Thai meal, I felt that Kha restaurant deserves a much better rating. I believe the bad ratings were given before this chef took over and revamped everything. Service was quite good actually if the lady serves you as the other guy is quite moody. Priced at such affordable prices, I thought the food was really value for money. Love the interior and layout of the whole restaurant as well, as it felt modern yet you could see some traditional Thai furniture. A recommended restaurant!


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