Gobi Desserts

Gobi Desserts

350 Joo Chiat Road


Creme brulee with pear. The creme brulee was smooth while the pear was poached well, soft and slightly sweet. However I thought the glazed caramel was a little too thick and not as brittle as I thought it should be. Also, I like poached pear that tastes a little citrus-y. Don’t really know how you could make it like that but I’ve had such pears in UK before which I like a lot. Maybe if this is incorporated into this dessert, it may taste better. The strawberries were old I felt and really sour. A mediocre creme brulee. $10.


The souffle was the best dessert out of the three. Really huge and tall and didn’t collapse much after it was brought out. Fluffy, airy and smooth on the inside. Could also taste the egg white and the top brown bit felt a little crispy which I like. About $10.


The matcha azuki green tea cake was however a little dry and its red bean isn’t as fragrant as that of Flor Patisserie’s. Needs a little work here on this cake. About $6.

Gobi Desserts is a nice hang out place in the East on a lazy Sunday afternoon but I personally feel that its cakes are not as well made as Flor patisserie but I would say that they are still decent and above average. Its souffle I believe is the best dessert out of everything as it looks and indeed tastes delicious. But I guess I would still choose Flor Patisserie over this as they make really delicious cakes. 



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