Maki san

Maki San

The Cathay

Maki San is a small Japanese cafe tucked at a corner at B1 of The Cathay shopping mall. It’s different as you get to make your own maki. Just simply tick the ingredients you want on a piece of paper and they will make your maki for you. Loads of choices to choose from for your fillings, rice and dressing and it’s fun to imagine how will your maki taste like with each possible combination. Of course, they also offer their in house combinations which are relatively good too.

ImageThe sushi comes in cute boxes.


ImageBrown rice maki with yuzu dressing, cranberries, teriyaki chicken, japanese omelette. Sounds like a very interesting and healthy roll. Thought the yuzu dressing I chose will make it more like an appetiser; light tasting and refreshing but then filling and I was right! Pretty good combination I felt and something you wouldn’t have outside I think.

ImageThe in house roast maki. As expected, there’s bbq sauce and roast shredded chicken. Quite a good maki.

Maki san sells its maki in two sizes, the mega and little maki which cost $10 and $7 respectively. The difference is just in the number of fillings that you can choose. And there are healthier options too, like brown rice and white japanese rice. For such a price and fun experience, this place is really worth visiting for an afternoon snack and most importantly, you get to experiment with different combination of fillings!

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