Ho Hung Kee

Ho Hung Kee

Causeway bay Hysan place

Knowing that it has a michelin star and is similarly priced as tim ho wan, I thought that it may be another cheap michelin gem.

ho hung kee - 1 ho hung kee - 2 ho hung kee - 3 ho hung kee - 4

Ordered the mixed meat congee and wanton noodles as they are famous for that. The ingredients in the congee were pretty good; fresh cuttlefish with good texture, peanuts were a little hard tho and the meat was tender. But it was a tad too bland I thought. As for the noodles, they are very springy and the wanton has a substantial amount of meat in it. However, I thought that such noodles are pretty common in hong kong and hence the standard in ho hung kee is pretty normal when compared to the others. Not worth the effort to get there even though the interior is pretty cute.

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