Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong station

After landing at Hong Kong, it is a good idea to make your way to hong kong station via the airport express and have a snack at tim ho wan. Having been here a couple of times, there are only a few things on the menu worth ordering.

tim ho wan - 2

Definitely the char siew bao is a must eat. Buttery and frangrant, the crust goes really well with the moist well marinated char siew.

tim ho wan - 3

Malai gou was fragrant too. Can smell the butter and texture is really fluffy and slightly moist.

tim ho wan - 4

Gui fa gou is quite sweet and you can taste the osmanthus flower fragrance.

tim ho wan - 6

Though knowing it, I got the har cheung which is quite mediocre. Thick cheung fen and isnt slippery at all.

tim ho wan - 5

This is one of my favourites too. Pork rib rice. The black bean suace complements well with the pork rib fragrance. Very filling as there was too much rice.

tim ho wan - 1

On the whole, Tim Ho Wan is quite a good restaurant to visit for a snack and not as a main meal. Still a recommended place to go to as these few items are really quite unique and tasty. Theres always a big queue outside the shop I believe. I was really lucky as someone exchanged hers with mine as her friend wasnt there yet and I only had to wait for a short 20min. This is the kind of waiting time that I wouldnt mind for a snack really and not a 2h wait in singapore.

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