Lei garden @ IFC

Lei Garden

IFC at Hong Kong Station

Hong kong June 2013

As it has a michelin star and is located at the plush IFC, I had pretty high expectations for it. The prawns, peking duck and fried pork ribs that I ordered were quite alright to me. Perhaps the pork ribs might be nice to others. Undoubtedly,  its soft warm and crispy and melts in your mouth but its really very fatty for me I felt. Removed all the fats and only a little meat is left.

Lei - 4

But I have to say the lobster broth rice is superb! Very warm, soothing and the soup was filled with aromatic lobster fragrance. Hmmm.. yummy! The fried rice adds crisp to the lobster “porridge” and I thought this combination is really interesting and simply delicious. The bits of lobster meat was also pretty standard,  good texture and fresh. I felt that the broth really brought the dish to an unparalleled standard and really love that. A good restaurant in general but I thought one should just try the lobster broth rice and also heard that the lab cheong rice is pretty good!

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