Lung King Heen @ Four Seasons Hotel

Lung King Heen

Four Seasons Hotel @ IFC

Being the only 3 michelin star chinese restaurant in the whole world, its no wonder that lung king heen is very popular. Made the reservation 1.5 months before and managed to get a slot at 1.30pm.

LKH - 3

This was the highlight of the day. Lobster scallop dumpling. To be exact, it has 4 layers, prawn, scallop, shredded crab meat and chunky lobster. A huge dumpling and tastes really heavenly I felt. Everything is fresh n succulent and has seafood fragrance. Good marinating there and it costs S$10 for one piece. Very worth it!

LKH - 1

Ordered mostly those that are chef recommended. Started with the lobster cheung fen and it was superb. Very smooth and slithery cheung fen and the chunky fresh lobster meat in it is very delicious. First time having lobster cheung fen and I love it.

LKH - 2

Shanghai xiu long bao was well presented but other than that it tasted pretty standard. And the skin at the top was a little too thick I thought. It wasnt under the chef recommendation though.

LKH - 4

Polo Char siew bao is tasty as well. Very fragrant char siew filling and actually tasted pretty similar to the one at wah lok singapore.

LKH - 5

The abalone chicken puff is another highlight of the day. The whole piece of abalone at the top is really delicious. Well cooked and not hard at all. Also the chicken in the puff goes well with the abalone sauce. Yums!

LKH - 6Hong kong June 2013-001

3 types of bbq meat with jellyfish. Again, well executed. From the right, the jellyfish is springy while the roast goose was well barbecued. Top bit of the skin is really crispy and the meat is really juicy. The char siew has little fats and is super tender and well marinated. Not too sweet at all and I feel that its the best char siew that I’ve ever had. The suckling pork skin is super crispy and felt like I was eating crisp. The menthol leaf at the bottom gives it a refreshing touch and there seems to be a layer of pancake in between them. Well executed appetiser.

LKH - 11

Chilean sea bass was really fresh, chunky and tasty. Dont really know what sauce is it but its really quite unique and special and makes the vegetable really fragrant. However, I felt that its pretty similar to the chilean sea bass I had at singapore east 8 which was quite good as well and bigger in portion and is $30 less.

LKH - 13

Lobster fried rice is one of the chef speciaties and I really quite like it. You could taste the individual rice grain. Very uniformly fried and there are chunks of lobster meat in it. I felt that the impressive bit is that it doesnt leave a layer of oil in your bowl after finishing it. Most fried rice are quite oily I feel but this isnt and could still have such great taste. Quite impressive I thought.

LKH - 14

Desserts were pretty normal and you can skip them if you want to have more choices.

LKH - 15LKH - 16

LKH - 12

As I thought that I was one of the lucky few who could get a booking at lung king heen, I was really looking forward to it. Indeed, I wasnt at all disappointed and felt that some of the dishes were really spectacular – things that u cannot find elsewhere at all. However, some of the dishes were just very good and not exceptionally good which got me to wonder how did they manage to get 3 stars. Maybe those few decadent dim sum and dishes were really too spectacular that allow them to retain her 3 stars every year. And also from the long menu, there may be other gems that I had not tried before. Despite the really high cost, (hkd $1000 per pax) I would still highly recommend this restaurant as the interesting, decadent and delicious dim sum would definitely not disappoint you! And you definitely get a good view of Hong Kong harbour as you are having your dim sum.

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