Ocean restaurant

Ocean restaurant

RWS Oceanarium

Ocean restaurant is opened by iron chef Cat Cora and knowing that it has a very magnificent interior, I was quite determined to get to that place some day. Indeed like what most reviews have said, this restaurant is just interesting for its view and less on its food. But I have nothing to complain about as they serve pretty standard western meals at reasonable prices and given that you get a spectacular view of the underwater world, it’s worth it. It’s quite interesting as your surrounding keeps changing and you will get ready your camera as you are anticipating for the humongous manta ray! Shall give a brief review of the lunch set.

ImageDidn’t have this 48 degrees king salmon as my tummy has just recovered. My friend said that the fish is fresh and well smoked.

ImageClam chowder has a few cooked clams in it and were quite chewy. The chowder is quite creamy and tasty actually. 

ImageThe Hokkaido scallop is seared well but thought the creamy rice is pretty cheesy. Makes your queasy after a while. 

ImagePan fried salmon with mashed and corn. The interesting bit about this dish is that the bunch of condiments on the slice of salmon is actually asian chilli oil! Those that you get at dim sum restaurant. Goes well with the well seared salmon and makes it a bit spicy and the inside is partially raw so that it doesn’t get overcooked. good texture there and quite an interesting asian touch to an otherwise western dish.

ImageI love tiramisu and thought that this tiramisu was weird as there’s no coffee taste. felt more like a berry shortcake and there was too much cream. Mediocre dessert.

ImageVanilla ice cream with apple tart. Quite a standard taste again.



Ocean restaurant really has a very pretty interior. Though it may seem to be like a fine dining place, I thought it isn’t. Paper napkins were given instead of cloth ones and dress code is quite relax as I wore shorts in. Though food wasn’t exciting, it is really decent and as it is priced at a reasonable $55 for a three course lunch, I would recommend it as you get a really different dining experience with the ever changing underwater scene. Also, you could opt for the cheaper option of $42 for a 2 course meal. A recommended restaurant!

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