Yhingthai Palace restaurant

Yhingthai Palace restaurant

Purvis street near Bugis station


Really spicy Miang Kum. There are onion, chilli padi, peanuts, lime and the shredded thing tastes like kachiang puteh snack. After eating one of this, I felt that I could blow fire. It is hotter than the normal chilli padi as the acidic component of lime accentuates the spiciness. I still enjoyed it as it was really spicy, sour and also slightly fragrant due to the peanuts. All in the spirit of Thai cuisine, that is to have extreme tastes. Though I enjoyed it, I removed all the chilli padi for the subsequent miang kum so that I don’t burn my tongue.

ImagePapaya salad that comes with fried chicken bits. Chicken bits were served on another bowl so that it doesn’t get soggy and retains its crisp. Papaya salad was crunchy and slightly spicy. Somehow I felt that it wasn’t sour enough but on the whole, it’s still a good appetiser.

ImageTom yum soup was delicious. Clear, spicy and sour. Prawns were also fresh. However, it can never beat the tom yum soup from Kha. The taste of Kha’s tom yum soup is one notch higher, clearer, spicier and more sour and has much more condiments. Prawns were also much more succulent. I don’t know how did Kha manage to make fresh prawns taste even fresher. But of course, this is still a good bowl of tom yum soup.

ImageStuffed chicken wings. Skin was really crispy and fragrant while the stuffings all complemented each other really well. Can’t remember what was in it though.

ImagePad Thai was delicious too. Slightly sweet and really moist and doesn’t get too sticky after leaving untouched for some time. I guess cos lots of oil was used and would prefer it to be less oily actually.

ImageHor Mok Talay. It actually is otah but tastes different from the usual otah sold here and thought that it tastes pretty delicious. The presentation, alone, is already quite unique.

ImageMango glutinous rice was quite mediocre I thought. Glutinous rice was done alright, but the mango I felt wasn’t sweet and soft enough. You need to exert a little bit more strength to cut the mango. Guess the essence of this dish lies in the mango and if that is compromised, it will greatly affect this dessert.

ImageDurian glutinous rice in palm sugar soup. This gave the oohmp factor I must say. Rice was sticky and durian was creamy, thick, super pungent and rich. Together with the sweet, fragrant palm sugar sauce and when eaten with rice, it was a perfect combination. Love this dessert and would like to have it again.

Yhingthai Palace restaurant is one of the better Thai restaurants that I have been to. Thai food is all about the extreme and Yhingthai managed to do that for some of the dishes. My favourites would definitely be Miang kum, tor mok talay and the durian dessert. Prices were quite reasonable too and I paid only $39. It is one of the better Thai restaurants to visit. But of course, my favourite is still Kha which has even more intense flavours!

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