Swissotel at city hall station

It was a really memorable lunch at Jaan this afternoon. Located at the 70th storey, you can have a perfect view of the whole of Marina Bay. Even before the real course kicks in, I was already very impressed by the chef’s sincerity and the amount of attention he pays to all his creations. Really faultless presentation and the whole meal brought me through a medley of flavours; very impressive indeed.


ImageReally pretty pre-starters. The fried round balls are potatoes. Love the gelatin pre starter. Couldn’t describe the taste but it just tasted good. The hummus is made from chestnut paste and lentils and is really smooth. Goes really well with the ‘crackers’ and is quite fragrant. The sardine tin consists of pebbles on which lies the cute little fragrant pastries which have olives in it. I especially like the mushroom soup as it was filled with mushroom fragrance. The foam doesn’t taste too creamy and enhances the taste of the mushroom soup, making it thicker and more aromatic. Yummy pre-starters!


Cute butter and really good bread there. I had all the four kinds of bread that were served and I love all of them. The truffle brioche was fluffy, airy and tasted quite different from the normal bread due to the truffle. The sour dough was so soft too and light. 

ImageAnd the starters begin. I guess this starter was meant to be dainty judging from the colours used. They are mostly warm colours – pink, orange, yellow and goes well with the white background. Potato is really delicious with the dressing and the black little things. The prawns are really fresh and the texture felt raw actually but looks red. If it’s raw, then it’s really good sashimi there!


Yes indeed, so much details paid to just an organic egg. Egg was cooked in 55 degrees and the smouldering rosemary makes everyone at the table so excited about the egg. It has this aroma that calms your nerves I felt. The the egg was pored into the bowl of churiso (I guess) and crispy, flaky bacon. Runny yolk was running all over the place after it was broken and the ingredients just tasted so good with the yolk. Yums.

ImageThe first cod fish main is up and tasted wonderful. Smooth cod that was perfectly cooked. The greens used were really pretty and a good choice of colour and flavours there. Makes this fish so pretty and appetising and you can taste the different tastes coming quickly one after the other. The capsicum, then tomato, the different herbs and then the tasty cod. Spectacular. For once, I actually thought that the fish looks like scallops! 

ImageThe second main is lamb. We have the different parts of the lamb there, from the lamb belly, to shoulder to loin. Different cuts and different texture indeed. This main has taught me how does different parts taste like. Not overcooked at all and quite tender in the middle, the meat was indeed cooked well. It also has cucus to go with it and the more amazing bit I thought was the passion fruit as it helps to clear the really strong taste that lamb has. So that this main doesn’t get too heavy. Excellent main again.

ImageA really cute pre-dessert. Sorbet had flower fragrance again and it reminded me of the sorbet I had in Pollen. Together with it was the creamy coconut cream, which isn’t heavy or overpowering at all. Instead it enhances the taste of the sorbet. There are herbal leaves in it too as the green stuff tasted herbal and really like that as a palate cleanser.

ImageThis chocolate themed dessert is just impeccable I thought. Chocolate may sound cliche and normal but this isn’t as there are so many details to it. You have sweet small brownie there, with dark chocloate, milk chocolate ice cream, chocolate crisp. Different taste of chocolate with different textures, a really clever way of making a chocolate dessert I felt. 


The petite four. We have popping candy, chocolate coated ice cream ball, biscuits with cream that tasted sour in it and yuzu marshmellow. The deepest impression was left by (let me be greedy here) 2 petites; they are the popping candy and yuzu marshmellow. Popping candy, like its name literally popped in my mouth. It is sorbet actually and I don’t know what chemical did they use to make your teeth sizzle, like so many small bubbles are popping vigorously in your teeth. So interesting and exciting! The yuzu marshmellow is another hit, was quite surprise to see a small pink dainty flower sitting on it. It just felt like a small soft springy marshmellow that has an explosive yuzu taste. Really zesty and a little sour. Love the citrus taste and am so impressed by this small yuzu marshmellow. Perfect!

ImageI think I have been singing praises about Jaan so much, but still want to say that it has been a fabulous meal here. Priced at a total of $138 per person for such a wonderful five course meal, I think it’s totally worth it. With such pretty presentation and impeccable taste, I really find it very memorable. I am very sure that I will be here again next month! 


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    • Eric says:

      Hihi I think it’s about $198 for the five course dinner. Dont know what they serve as I haven’t been there for dinner. I think you can get the menu from its website!

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