Santa Grand Hotel at East Coast

ImageThe sambal kangkong we ordered really had generous serving. Very fragrant kangkong and the sambal was full of minced dried prawns and I really like that. Also, it’s not very oily and of the right spiciness. Like this kangkong dish. I can have it with a bowl of rice I felt.

ImageThe ngor hiang is filled with meat too and not loads of flour. Goes well with the sweet dark sauce. 

ImageI especially love the prawn dish out of the lot and it is said to be their signature dish and I wouldn’t wonder why. The prawns are huge, fresh and the sauce is thick, sweet, savoury and goes well with rice. I think the prawns are actually lightly fried and together with the thick fragrant sauce, they taste lovely. 

ImageAnd this is the reason I came to peramakan as I was so attracted by their desserts. The durian pengat is soooo rich, as though you are eating durian puree and really pungent. The caucasian sitting next to us kept looking at our table as we had too many durian stuff and might have smelled awful to them but really heavenly to us. If you are a durian lover, you must not miss this dessert. Very smooth and you could taste some of the durian fibres and underneath it you have the yam cubes which added another texture to this dessert. Very yummy indeed.

ImageImageThis is actually kueh with banana sauce. The kueh actually tasted like that of the normal white cake we used for praying and the sauce like its name, tasted banana. There are also cut bananas in it. However, I felt this dessert on a bland side and maybe it’s meant to be so. Still a good dessert though.

ImageThis was just awesome. The crust of the pancake is slightly crispy and its interior is moist and springy. The paste itself is really a winner and we had 2 kaya ones and 2 durian ones. Both pastes were very smooth and so rich in taste. Kaya has fragrant coconut and pandan taste and I love the fact that it’s such a thick and substantial filling. The durian one is equally good and as pungent. Really love how clever the nonyas are in using kaya and durian as pastes with the pancakes as they are so lovely. Sweet in a different way. Yums.

Peramakan is really a place to go to if you are into peranakan food. I initially had the intention of having more of their desserts than mains and I think I did the right choice not because the mains were not good but because I don’t have space for too many mains. It just makes me feel that I need to visit it again and go with the mindset of having more mains than dessert and I believe I will do so in the near future. Prices are very reasonable too, about $40 per pax. And I actually couldn’t have enough of the durian pengat and pancakes that I bought more for take away. Really good peranakan food served here. There’s also one branch in the west at Telok Blangah. Very clever of them to cater to both people living in the east and west! 


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