Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Paragon Shopping Mall

Knowing that this may be one of the higher tier of crystal jade, I had pretty high expectations and I think I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the food served. In general, they are passable but definitely not worth the price tag.

cjgp - 1

Chicken with cashew nut. Nuts are sweet and crunchy while chicken is tender and tasty. $28-ish

cjgp - 2

Seafood tofu claypot. Tofu was bland and pretty tasteless. Though the prawns and fish are fresh and taste well, the taste is pretty much one dimensional. The scallops were overcooked too. $28.

cjgp - 4

Roast duck and sesame oil chicken. Chicken meat is tender and quite fragrant while roast duck is a little dry. It’s skin is also not that crispy. $28

Crystal jade golden palaceDim sum. Egg tart was quite bland and not sweet enough I thought. The crust was too thin, as though you are eating souffle. Lao sa bao tastes a little like those served in crystal jade dining in except that they are less intense here. Char siew bao is good, fluffy, soft and moist char siew but nothing much to rave about. While the elephant dim sum was my least favourite. The sticks are biscuits and I knew I wouldn’t like this kinda dim sum as I know it will taste like the traditional kind; gooey on the inside with thick sticky skin.


On the whole, I would sum up crystal jade golden palace as a really cute, fancy place with mediocre, just slightly above average cantonese food that is definitely overpriced. Using my favourite Crystal jade dining in as a benchmark, the quality of food served here is less good and more expensive as it is smaller in portion. Dim sum too, isn’t as delicious as dining in. It’s quite a pity as this restaurant is really pretty I thought. Spent about $62 per person here. Will I come back again? Think the answer is pretty obvious.

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