Jaan (part 2)



So after having a great 5 course degustation lunch at Jaan, I decided to go for the second time to try the seven course. It is a secret menu and it is basically a combination of the different signature dishes from the vegetarian, lunch and ala carte menu.

Jaan - 1 The starter was the same as the five course one.

Jann - 2 Then came Jaan Garden which is really pretty i thought. The brown crumbles are a little salty and adds flavour to the salad while the light brown one is peanut. The interesting bit about the salad is that it is served warm. While I quite like it, I thought that there were too many sauces – 3 of them actually, and it may be a little too much and confusing. Too many things going on on a plate.

Jaan - 4 The really good organic egg that is cooked for 55min and the same as the 5 course menu.

Jaan - 5 Cod with crayfish and oyster. Thought the oyster was brilliantly made as there isn’t a fishy taste at all. The cod was a little overcooked though and dry at the sides. A pity actually.

Jaan - 6 Premium beef which was really good. You know it’s premium when the fats and lean meat are all interweaved in that slab of meat. Very tender even though it is medium well. Juicy and succulent indeed. It was presented with cherries and complementing condiments. I guess this gave the 7 course menu the exorbitant price.

Jaan - 7 The fruity dessert. Peach with almond ice cream and crumble and almond bits. Quite a good dessert I thought but I actually preferred the chocolate dessert as I think I am more of a chocolate person.

Jaan - 3

The artisanal 7 course menu in Jaan, is in my opinion, really good but not as worthy as the 5 course menu. If you realised there’s only 6 pictures here as I did not take a pre dessert which was complimentary in the 5 course menu and considered as a course over here. Was a little disappointed at this bit but I guess the premium beef made up for it. Seven course menu costs $186 in total. If you are a beef lover, then getting this menu is definitely the right choice but for me I guess I prefer the 5 course menu.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant (Must go and revisit)

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