Paradise pavilion

Paradise pavilion

Marina Bay Sands Financial Centre

PP - 1 The snow skin Char Siu bao. Pretty delicious boa. Crust was slightly crispy and flaky while char siu is sweet, moist and tasty. It definitely looks like the one at Tim Ho Wan and I think that Tim Ho Wan is still slightly better but this is good too.

pp - 2 Scallop pastry with mishroom. Scallop was a little overcooked. Somehow i always get overcooked scallop in chinese restaurants over here even if they are the better ones. Pastry is very flaky and light while the leaf makes the whole pastry feels fresh and lighter. Quite a nice snack I thought.

pp - 3 Liu sa bao was really good. It was really runny, think the runniest one I ever had. Really good filling too. Sweet, salty and fragrant.

pp - 4 Chive dumpling with prawns. A recommended steamed dim sum and I would also recommend it. Very smooth and thin skin while the ingredients were definitely fresh. Yummy!

pp - 5 Scallop braised noodles. Noodles were fragrant and sauce was thick. Thought it was less fragrant than Wah Lok but still good noodles there.

pp - 6 Steamed prawn truffle. The prawn was fresh and substantial I thought. The prawn ball that surrounds it is springy and truffle makes it a little westernised but I quite like it.

pp - 7 the steamed layered custard cake. Fluffy, soft cake and fragrant custard. An alright dim sum.

pp - 9 GRilled siu mai. The fish roe were really springy and fresh, succulent prawns and meat were used. I just find it a little oilier as it is being oiled for grilling purposes.

Paradise pavilion is a good alternative for good dim sum and I enjoyed the dim sum here actually. It’s one of the better dim sum I have been to and I really like the surrounding of this place. Have heard about not so good reviews of this place but i guess that may apply to its ala carte courses but not the dim sum. Located in the MBSFC, it is a good hang out place if you want a quieter environment on a weekend. They are quite full and considering that the MBSFC is a dead town on weekends, that says quite a lot about its popularity. Spent about $50 per person.

Verdict: A good restaurant (Worth a visit)

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