Tom’s Palette

Tom’s Palette

Shaw Tower near Bugis station

TP - 1 Guava and sesame ice cream. Apple crumble and yuzu in the other cup. Ice cream is in general very smooth and creamy and of the right sweetness. Guava felt refreshing and sesame was fragrant. The yuzu ice cream has an intense yuzu flavour and your breath would smell of yuzu after eating it. As for the apple crumble, just like its name, there’s crumble and apple bits in it. Really yummy.

It’s quite weird that such a cute ice cream parlour is opened in an old shopping mall but that is quite good too actually as it wasn’t that crowded when I was there. Tom’s palette tends to venture into more exciting flavours such as salted egg yolk ice cream. I tried it and it tasted like frozen liu sa boa. Really strong egg flavour there and I don’t think I would like my liu sa bao cold and thus didn’t get that flavour. Other than that, I think I would love all the flavours there. A really good ice cream place!

Verdict: A good ice cream parlour (Worth a visit)


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