Restaurant Andre

Restaurant Andre

Near Outram MRT station

Ranked as 38th in the world’s best 50 restaurant and 5th in Asia’s best 50 restaurant, Andre really has what it takes to be in the glamorous position it is in today. Had the five course set lunch for $150 in total and it can simply be summed up by a word – impeccable. Everything is so good, very creative and all the tastes complement each other greatly. Despite being creative, you wouldn’t find its food confusing. Really find it meticulous and well thought.

andre - 1 andre - 5 Very pretty interior the restaurant has. It has three storeys and every level has a different theme. Was seated on the third floor and there was his collection of michelin guide books and prizes. Really cute area and you will know that he is really serious about food.

andre - 2

andre - 3 Started with some snacks and it was lobster sandwich. The bread wrapped around the lobster filling was crispy and thin and lobster meat was substantial too. Very tasty and well marinated. Love the chives on it as well.

andre - 4Pickled vegetables with yuzu espuma. There’s also small mackerel cubes and herbs and ponzu vinaigrette sorbet. Small balls of rice were also present. This French course definitely has Japanese influences in it. Yuzu and ponzu really makes it a very good appetiser and whets your appetite. Really love the rice as it has crispy rice in it as well and thought such a combination makes the overall texture of the rice really interesting and also more fragrant. Also really love the presentation and I thought it looked a bit like gardens by the bay. Really creative course!

andre - 6 Croquettes of langoustine with pickled vegetables, potato espuma and butter sponge at the side. Topped with fragrant lobster broth with sakura ebi, this course was superb and flavourful. A medley of different tastes that is really satisfying. Langoustine was really tasty and fresh and together with the lobster broth, it makes it even better. The whole presentation was again very fascinating and not confusing at all. Every scoop is really delicious.

andre - 7 Foie gras jelly with truffle and Japanese chives. Though i don’t like fatty stuff, I think this Foie gras jelly was really well made. Foie gras was really fragrant and the pudding was very smooth and had a very heavy fragrant taste. The truffle goes very well with the foie gras and I thought this was a very good dish.

Andre - 8 This baguette is worth mentioning as it is freshly baked and really soft and fluffy inside.

Andre - 9 Mains was chicken breast with wheat apricot ragout and broccoli mousse. Am not a fan of chicken breast as it is usually very dry but this wasn’t at all. Very moist, soft and delicious indeed. Love the rice here again as it has fried cereal in it and springy apricot bits in it which makes it really fresh.

Andre - 10 The pre dessert was lychee jelly with yoghurt with freeze dried raspberry. The exciting combination of tastes just bursts in your mouth when you pop it in. Lychee was fresh and springy while yoghurt was smooth and freeze dried raspberry was fresh though dried and makes this pre dessert super exciting.

Andre - 11 The dessert tasted like chocolate snicker. It tasted really good as well but just thought it may be a little normal. It was another dessert on the menu but they changed it very last minute I guess. This may be the only course that may not have wowed me but is still very delicious.

On the whole, the 5 course menu sets to wow you and would make you to want to go for the dinner menu despite the steep price. Every course really makes you look forward to the next one. Not only is presentation very pleasing to the eye, his food simply wakes up our five senses. Having so much passion in food, I hope that Andre will and I believe he will be in the michelin guide next year if there is one coming out for southeast asia!

Verdict: An Excellent restaurant (Must go and revisit)

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