Kha (part 2)


38 Martin Road

kha - 2The Tom yum goong is as good as the previous time I came here. Very spicy, sour and prawns were really fresh and succulent. Loads of spices in it and the flavour of the soup just keeps exploding in your mouth. Super good. About 20-ish.

kha - 3Got the grilled prawns and grilled chicken thigh. Goong Golae and Gai Yang Esaan. Very yummy grills here. The tiger prawns were really huge and succulent and there is red coconut curry on it. Very tasty. The grilled chicken thigh was well grilled. Fire was controlled well. Skin was a little charred and crispy while meat is very tender and juicy. It was really well marinated and the whole chicken was flavourful. Really like the way it is presented – in between a stick that is sliced into two at the front.

kha - 4kha - 5Sea bass grilled in salt was super good again. Meat wasn’t dry at all and very fresh. Salt used was also a good brand I think. The chilli sauce that came with it was really spicy, sour and actually makes me salivate when I thought of it.

kha - 1Kha is really a very good Thai restaurant. Having been here for the second time to try more dishes, I think I am really greatly in love with this Thai restaurant. Everything was cooked to precision and the tastes of the dishes are just so memorable. It’s interior is also quite cute though I thought it can be a little brighter and service may need to be a little faster when it gets busier. Also spent $70 on this meal per person and I would say that the price is very reasonable for the kind of standard you get. I am very sure that I will be back to this restaurant again.

Verdict: An Excellent restaurant indeed. (must go and revisit)

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