Near city hall station

bacc - 2bacc - 3 Hamachi with carrots and some fruits. I couldn’t remember whtat fruits did they use. Hamachi was very fresh but that was about it. To sum up this dish, it is just simple and bland and they were a little stingy on the sauce I felt. $28

bacc - 4 Prawn risotto with strawberry and cheese. Prawn was very fresh, succulent and cooked well. Risotto was normal and you could have that anywhere else for a much lower price. $26.

bacc - 5Duck confit wrapped in spinach and there’s cucumber in it. Tasted a little chinese actually and it was pretty juicy in the middle. But taste was again very normal and expected. $28.

bacchanalia - 1Bacchanalia is a really chic and pretty restaurant. They also charge at a much higher price tag. After looking at so many reviews and knowing that its opening was splashed over 4 pages in the newspapers, I thought it would be a restaurant that will perform very well. The good thing about this restaurant is that ingredients used here are very fresh and therefore will still be passable even if the garnishing or marinate wasn’t done well. However, not looking at the price tag, I felt that the food here is just too normal. After taking into consideration of the price, I found the food here too overpriced and quite a joke, Portions here according to them are very small but I thought they were alright but just too overpriced and I would consider it a rip off. For this price, I would rather spend my money on Restaurant Andre, Kha and Jaan as they provide really exciting and creative food. I was quite disappointed with the food and price that I didn’t bother to get the dessert even though they looked pretty nice on blogs just to prevent myself from being ripped off again.

Verdict: An above average restaurant (dispensable restaurant)

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