Mochi sweets

Mochi sweets

Bugis +

ms - 1Have always walked past this place but have a lot of reservations on the not too cheap mochi sold. And decided to try one today followed by buying 6 more. So that says it all. Shall describe some that I love a lot. I tried the mango yoghurt one and mango filling was tasty and fragrant. I realised that there’s a little cream in the middle of each mochi and that gives it its sweetness. The mochi rice is so springy and isnt too hard or rubbery. Just of the right texture and very nice indeed. Sesame was really delicious too as the filling is a little like sesame powder. Very strong and tasty. Green tea was very fragrant and tasted much like matcha too. am quite sure I will get more mochi when I have the cravig again.


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